nanoX Car Air Conditioner Sanitizer helps to prevent Sick Car Syndrome (SCS), eliminate odors and unhealthy air from vehicle interiors

About nanoX, many cleaning treatments are used for cosmetic effect. They simply use mask agents and harsh and very strong chemicals that only temporarily eliminating the smell, for this they are only partially effective, e.g. they penetrate only the ‘easy to reach’ areas and may damage your HVAC system.





When you turn on your car air conditioner dose it produce a horrible mildew odor. If your car has this problem, we may have a solution.

Due to a lack of use, particularly during the winter months, condensation, which builds up on the evaporator of car air-conditioner, becomes a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, spores, mould and fungi. Upon switching on the heater or air-conditioner can cause unhealthy and unpleasant odors to be vented into the passenger cabin.

Purifier Conditioner Sanitizer and Deodorizer restore heating/cooling efficiency and freshens interior air. It is a unique cleaning solution designed to quickly and effectively remove foul odors, bacteria, mould, spores, fungi, road grime, nicotine oils and debris that accumulate in your evaporator.

Purifier is injected directly into the evaporator case through the outside intake grill(s) located on or near the hood   cose to the windshield. It cleans and coats the evaporator core and kills the fungi thus neutralizing any odor. Purifier is biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-corrosive

  • Solution
    We offer our customers aSEMI Annual Air-Conditioning Service, curing and preventing ‘Sick Car Syndrome’ and protecting their health.

o   Cleans and disinfects the entire A/C system.

o   The only professional and effective way to prevent bacteria, mould, and fungal growth

Price : $50 Include interior and evaporator double procedure.